Family Law

Family Law

Mannion solicitors have provided Family Law advice for some 30 years during which there have been enormous changes in this area of law.

Judicial Separation in 1989, Divorce in 1996, Civil Partnership in 2010 have wrought countless changes for individuals, children and families. The Civil Partnership Act gives very significant rights to co-habiting and same sex couples for the first time, redefining our concepts of relationship and family.

Relationship breakdown is invariably stressful not just for the individuals concerned but for any children and the extended families who are very often challenged by the changes, often sudden, brought about by the breakdown. When a relationship breaks down, there are often a lot of very difficult decisions to be made by a couple separating at a time when they are most vulnerable. If there are children, those decisions will be all the more painful and are further exacerbated when there are communication blocks between the respective parties.

We at Mannion Solicitors offer sensitive advice, encouraging mediation and availing of collaborative law where possible so that the ultimate solution of a Court application for Judicial Separation or Divorce is the last option used.

We attend the Dublin and outlying Courts, covering all areas of Family and relationship breakdown.

We draft and advise on completion of Separation Agreements at reasonable cost, avoiding Court Proceedings whenever possible.

We can apply on behalf of clients, or respond to application by others, in the Circuit Court leading to a Judicial Separation Orders. When parties have not had a normal marital relationship for more than four years, we act in the Circuit and High Courts on behalf of Applicants and Respondents for Divorce in a comprehensive, sensitive, confidential and efficient manner, always mindful of the strains and stresses associated with such traumas in peoples’ lives.

We advise on and draw up pre-nuptial agreements. Such agreements can serve as guides for the distribution of assets by a Court when entered into into fairly and transparently. These may be of particular value to parties entering a second marriage where there are children of the first marriage and a concern to protect assets for the benefit of these children.

We advise non-marital, cohabiting persons and same sex couples when relationships or civil partnerships break down. Consideration of the “opt out” provisions of the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010 is advisable for parties entering into such co-habiting relationships.

An active member of the Family Lawyers Association for many years,  Thomas Mannion has an extensive range of contacts in agencies offering counselling, mediation and complementary resolution options. We avail of many third party contacts in associated areas enabling full exploration of litigants’ assets and liabilities, including use of forensic accounting where appropriate.