Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims

Suffering personal injury in a car crash is always a difficult experience. When such injury is caused by others and gives rise to a claim for compensation, we  seek to resolve all claims as quickly as possible while at the same time ensuring the best possible outcome. All of us would rather we avoided injury but where an injury has been suffered we seek the best compensation possible, treating each client and claim sensitively by listening to our clients, thus ensuring we explore fully the impact of such injuries on each client’s life.

We routinely bring applications to the Injuries’ Board arising from work related accidents, slip and falls, and road traffic accidents when either liability is in dispute or the Board’s assessment is deemed inadequate or unsatisfactory by either party, we take such cases on to the Courts. We offer professional and efficient advice during the course of the Legal Proceedings ensuring, at all times, that the client is at ease with the process, fully informed of the necessary steps taken.

We have acted in many “hit and run” cases and in cases in which the party responsible is either uninsured or unidentified, instituting claims against the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland, set up to meet such claims. Various agreements have been drawn up by the insurance bodies, and strict adherence to time limits and procedures is necessary and Mannion Solicitors will ensure your claim is dealt with effectively.

We have been involved in many fatal injuries’ cases, often appearing at Inquests in the Coroner’ Courts. The loss of life is catastrophic, particularly a member of a family unit, leaving behind distraught and devastated family members, very often dependent and reliant on his/her income and support and perhaps now struggling to survive without that person. Making a claim for compensation will obviously not be the first thing those loved ones will think of, but in some cases the compensation will be essential for the family to carry on after the death. Mannion Solicitors approach all such cases with sensitivity and empathy towards the surviving family members whilst bringing our experience to bear in such technical and complex cases.

We have brought paraplegia and acquired brain injury claims requiring specialist knowledge of such life-changing catasprophic accidents. We have brought medical negligence cases, again availing of extensive experience of international expert witness evidence.

We also bring and defend varied types of cases in the Circuit and High Courts, including the Commercial Court which deals with complex cases very quickly. We act in civil litigation cases in the Circuit or High Courts, achieving satisfactory outcomes for clients in the shortest possible time and at reasonable cost.

Where possible we encourage clients to engage in mediation or alternatively dispute resolution and thereby avoid the costs of going to Court. We do not see mediation, conciliation or alternative dispute resolution as divisive but rather as a very useful mechanism so that litigation remains the final weapon of choice.