Wills & Probate

Wills, Administration of Estates, Enduring Powers of Attorney


A Will, completed and signed  in accordance with the law, requires skilful consideration. A vital document on death,  it should be reviewed and updated regularly .

Mannion Solicitors ensure clients young and old keep a properly prepared Will, meeting clients’ requirements whilst minimising Taxation implications. Spend the time and some small money now, save much more money later.

Administration of Estates

The death of a loved one can be a very traumatic experience. Mannion Solicitors have extensive experience of all aspects of Estate Administration, taking out Probate at the High Court,  administering Estates when no Will has been made, completing Deeds of Family Arrangement where appropriate. We advise Executors on their duties and obligations to beneficiaries and next of Kin. We ensure the Probate process is dealt with efficiently and clearly explained. .

In the event of a dispute as to the contents of a Will, we have 30 years experience in advising executors, beneficiaries and family members on all such issues. Conscious that such disputes can cause hardship and anger, we approach such disputes with great sensitivity whilst protecting our clients’ interests.

Mannion Solicitors can advise on all taxation aspects affecting beneficiaries, utilising  considerable tax knowledge and experience in setting up various Trusts for minor beneficiaries, discretionary trusts, retirement trusts, to ensure assets are transferred to beneficiaries tax efficiently.

Enduring Powers of Attorneys

Mannion Solicitors advise all clients to carefully consider how they might cope in the event that they or other family members suffered tragically from an accident or illness depriving them of their mental capacity and the ability to look after their own affairs.

We advise on the appropriate steps and actions necessary to put in place precautionary measures to deal with such possibilities. Why not  appoint family member under an Enduring Power of Attorney to have legal responsibility for loved ones’ if such occurred ?


Wardship arises where someone no longer has capacity or has diminished capacity to look after his/her affairs if no Enduring Power of Attorney had been done.

We advise on the steps to be taken, ensuring transparency of instruction and advice.

On a successful application to have a person entered into Wardship, a Committee is appointed to look after the Ward’s affairs, his/her wellbeing, needs and requirements, whilst acting under the guidance, instruction, and protection of the High Court.

Nursing Home Support/Fair Deal Scheme/Representative Care Orders.

Since the Nursing Home Support Scheme was put in place in 2009, Mannion Solicitors have advised on Representative Care Orders in the Circuit Court.